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Driving Business Dialogues in Healthcare

Navig Health serves as a premier knowledge exchange and community-driven platform, uniting distinguished stakeholders from India’s healthcare spectrum. Our focus is on fostering insightful dialogues around the intricate business dimensions of healthcare.

Role of Navig - Our mission

Numerous platforms exist to foster doctor-to-doctor discussions, delving deep into medical knowledge and continuous professional education. However, resources addressing the intricacies of operating a thriving hospital or clinic remain scant. Navig’s core mission is to equip doctors and clinicians with prowess in healthcare’s business, revenue, marketing, and technological dimensions.


Additionally, we aim to create a consistent learning environment for professionals in healthcare, pharma, medical devices, and emerging startups.

As India’s healthcare landscape undergoes seismic shifts due to technological advancements, heightened consumer expectations, corporatization, and evolving regulations, Navig stands as a beacon. 

A Comprehensive Ecosystem for

Amplifying Healthcare Business Growth.

We’re committed to facilitating insightful dialogues, helping doctors, clinicians, and diverse stakeholders navigate the burgeoning challenges and opportunities in the non-medical domains of the upcoming decade.

Knowledge Resources - Videos, Guides, Articles

Access our diverse repository: videos, guides, and articles crafted to provide straightforward insights, addressing the real-world challenges and needs of today's Indian healthcare professionals.

Experts Webinar & Live Discussions

Join our webinars and live discussions led by seasoned healthcare professionals, offering a platform for genuine exchange on current topics, sharing best practices, and addressing prevalent challenges within the healthcare community.

1-1 Chats with Healthcare Business Experts

Engage in one-on-one conversations with experienced healthcare business professionals, providing a direct channel to discuss, seek guidance, and understand nuances of scaling your healthcare business.

Community & Peer Interactions

Connect within our community for meaningful peer interactions, allowing members to share experiences, discuss challenges, offer solutions, and build relationships to jointly navigate the changing healthcare business landscape.


The platform seems to cater to a broad range of professionals in the healthcare sector, providing them with relevant knowledge, networking opportunities, and resources tailored to their specific needs.

Doctors & Clinicians

  • Clinic & Hospital Establishment Insights
  • Medical Regulation Compliance
  • Doctor Branding & Marketing
  • Patient Engagement & Retention
  • Wealth Management & Financial Planning
  • Connect with Pharma & MedTech Experts

Business & Marketing Professionals

  • Tailored Healthcare Digital Strategies
  • Patient Acquisition Best Practices
  • Medical Tourism Insights
  • Health Technology & AI Tools
  • Healthcare Networking Opportunities

Pharma & Med Device Professionals

  • Doctor-Targeted Marketing Tactics
  • Doctor-Pharma Relationship Insights
  • Tech & AI in Pharma & MedTech
  • Drug Discovery Tech Updates
  • Networking with Healthcare Pros
  • Regulatory & Compliance

Hospital & Clinics Operations & Admin

  • Hospital Operations Excellence & Quality Standards
  • Patient Experience Management
  • Effective Staff Development Methods
  • Navigating HIMS & EMR Tools
  • Streamlined Supply Chain Strategies